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Eye Focusing Problems

The ability to see things clearly at different distances
depends on our eyes ability to change focus properly. This
occurs when the lens in each eye changes it shape to bend
light and focus an image at the back of the eye. When an
eye focusing problem develops, vision can be blurred for
reading and other near activities.

Eye focusing problems are also called accommodative
dysfunctions because the lens in each eye is unable to
"accommodate" or change focus sufficiently to provide
clear vision at all distances. This problem can occur in
children, as well as adults. In most cases, the problem is
not that a child lacks sufficient focusing power, but rather
he or she can't maintain and use their eyes focusing ability

Eye focusing problems often occur after continued viewing
of near objects like a book or computer screen. Children
with eye focusing problems may experience symptoms

l Eye strain
l Temporarily blurred vision
l Headaches

In some cases, eyeglasses can provide improved focusing
ability and reduce eye fatigue. However, a program of
vision therapy may be needed to successfully improve eye
focusing ability and eliminate symptoms.
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