How much do you know about your child's eyes? Take this quiz to test your Eye-Q.

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1. When a child has difficulty seeing the chalkboard in
a. Nearsightedness
b. Farsightedness
c. Lazy eye
2. A child with 20/20 eyesight has perfect vision.
a. True
b. False
3. When a child has convergence insufficiency, it means:
a. He has an eye that always turns in
b. He has difficulty using both eyes together as a team
c. He probably doesn't drink enough milk
4. A child who has color vision deficiency:
a. Is unable to see any colors
b. Is missing his red crayon
c. Has difficulty seeing certain colors like red and green
5. When a child has astigmatism it means:
a. He can't wear contact lenses
b. His eyes are swollen and itchy
c. His vision may be blurry at any distance
6. Being farsighted means:
a. Having problems seeing clearly in the distance
b. Having problems seeing clearly up close
c. Having the ability to tell the future
7. A child has an eye focusing problem if:
a. She is seeing double
b. Print blurs when she tries to read a book
c. She has difficulty coloring within the lines
8. A child's first eye exam should be:
a. At six months of age
b. Before starting school
c. When he or she complains of trouble seeing
Answer key: 1- a; 2- b; 3-b; 4-c; 5-c; 6-b; 7-b; 8-a; 9-b; 10-a.

How did you do? Add up your correct answers.
9. A child with a lazy eye will grow out of it.
9-10 correct
6-8 correct
5 or less
a. True
b. False
10. Strabismus is the medical name for:
a. Crossed eyes
b. Lazy eye
c. Pink eye
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school, she probably has a vision problem called:
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