About Us
The SeeingSmarter web site was developed by Dr. Stephen C. Miller and his daughter,
Elizabeth A. Miller, to provide a single, comprehensive source for information and helpful
tips regarding infants and children's vision development.

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge developed over the past 50 years in the fields of child
development, psychology, developmental optometry, and vision therapy,
strives to assist parents in helping their children gain the visual skills and learning ablilites
they'll need for life.

By raising awareness about the vital role vision plays in early childhood development and
SeeingSmarter can empower parents to take steps to ensure their child can "see
better" and "learn more".

Dr. Miller is an optometrist, writer, and past Executive Director of the
College of
Optometrists in Vision Development
and Director of the Clinical Care Center for the
American Optometric Association. He has had the opportunity to work with and learn from
some of the country's leading experts in children's vision over the past 40 years.

As the Writing Director for
Innovative Writing Works, a St. Louis based copywriting,
editing and proofreading service, Elizabeth Miller has created a variety of professional
direct mail and web-based educational and marketing materials for business and
organizations, and authored eight novels (www.emillerbooks.com).